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Unit Length Unit Volume mm 3 I prefer to copy code aurally and use the PK only to transmit during CW operation.

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To do this, as the PK manual says, you must "disconnect your microphone cable from the PK to the radio so that the radio does not hang in transmit. There had to be a better way! There is. Lacking the program documentation necessary to figure out a suitable software PTT switch, I looked for an automatic hardware solution. I suspected that the state of these lines would indicate whether or not the PK isin the CW mode.

Tests confirmed my hunch.

Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur

U37 and U38 are close together, allowing the diode leads to be soldered right to the IC pins. The signal at U38 pin 10 is high in this situation. Because this circuit biases the tube off in the absence of excitation, it can PKCA compatibility problem with this modification. Addition of a diode, D. D Is a silicon switching diode.

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Fig 2-Hank Garretson added electronic bias switching to his AL with this circuit. The pF, O. Alternatives: 2N, 2N, 2N NTE No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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Thats me : Thane, Maharashtra, India View my complete profile. QRZ callsign lookup :. I Support :. Visitors :.

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Blog stats :. He predicted the rise of the "pico" computer, better known as the laptop. And he encouraged his readers to build a grass-roots wireless telephony network -- a nationwide array of amateur radio repeater towers that was the precursor to today's cellular networks. For him, only what's ahead matters. I live mostly in the future," he says.

Some people have described Wayne Green as a visionary and entrepreneur. He actually taught people to think. Many hams have been searching for reprints or back issues floating around. He said he didn't know of any source other than scanning in over 50, pages. Which he thought was daunting to sell maybe dozens of CDs. However, Buckmaster was one of the first to have microfilmed, and later, scanned issues of the magazine. From what I have found, the microfilmed versions advertised for sale over the years were purchased by most major technical colleges.

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So, never fear, it is out there as several university libraries still have it available. The PDF files are available via the internet only to students and faculty.

With current law copyrights expire after author's lifespan plus 70 years. One would have to get the permission of every author who had written for 73 Magazine in order to make a CD-ROM collection available.

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Wayne sold 73 a couple times which further complicates the matter. The transfer of copyright agreements is unclear slipper slope due to the various royalty and copyright issues that existed between contributing authors and 73 Magazine. However, many authors have said they are okay with having their articles reprinted as long as its at no charge. Magazine articles were scanned, quality corrected, and index by an army of individuals, and collected together for Internet Archive by Jason Scott of textfiles.

Concerning a searchable master index of articles. OCLC shows that there are three libraries which have that 73 Magazine index, they are:. Can I get an index for our collection? The best thing you can do is check the year-end issues. By entering a key word in the article description, you can search for articles on nearly every subject and locate the issue you need. The database is very comprehensive, covering many amateur radio general-interest and specialty magazines. Didah also publishes smaller, less-expensive software packages for each of most popular ham magazines.

Some of their bibliographies are available in printed form, too.

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Contact Didah Publishing at P. Box , Nashua, NH , telephone The following preface describes his work and wonderful resource. The printed 73 Magazine index from is about pages. I suggest contacting him if this or his software would be useful to you. The term radio communications is defined by this book in a much broader sense. It encompasses the early days of radio, at the turn of the century, in which wireless transmissions were the only form of communications.