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This is the first of the stories to be slated for an appearance outside Tor. This sale may mean the stories will appear out of order, depending on publication dates.

Oh, what a foolish twelve year old he was! I love this story, and have been reading bits of it for years at queer-themed events. Gale learns a little more about what it was that got Garland disgraced and kicked out of the service. I hope you guys like it. When I was working, it was often on fiction. I worked on setting up a spring book tour, and should be announcing dates soon.

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Little Dog Go, Dog. Erickson, John R. EN EN Mr. Fitzgerald, John D. EN What's the Weather Today?

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Fradin, D. Fradin, Dennis B. John Hancock? Georges, D. I Reckon Maybe. Gray-Kanatiiosh, Barbara A. Greene, Constance C. Carbles Is Losing His Marbles! EN Mr. Docker Is off His Rocker! Klutz Is Nuts! Louie Is Screwy! Macky Is Wacky! EN Mrs. Cooney Is Loony! Kormel Is Not Normal!

Patty Is Batty! Roopy Is Loopy! Yonkers Is Bonkers! EN Ms. Coco Is Loco! Hannah Is Bananas! Krup Cracks Me Up! LaGrange Is Strange! Todd Is Odd! Book Points Level 7. Together You Read to Me Jacobs, Francine Jacobsen, K. Jacobsen, K. A Vampire's Coming! Basil E. Lace, William W. Lake, E. Lambert, Matthew. LeGuin, Ursula K. Book Level 6. Leonard, Marcia Lepthien, E. Lepthien, E. Lepthien, Emilie U. Points 3. Lerner, Sharon Lerner, Sharon. Book Level 4. Piggle-Wiggle 63 EN Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Wolf Is Coming!

It's Improved! It's Terrible! Martin, Ann M. Points 4. Not a Good EN Mood. A Bad Mood. McKissack, Patricia C. EN Suddenly! Legend Puss in Boots. Mills, Lauren Milne, A. Robert E. Lee: Young Confederate Susan B. EN Mmm, Cookies! Munsch, Robert N. EN Where is Gah-ning? EN Zoom! EN Let's Reuse! EN Let's Save Energy! EN Let's Save Water! Great Knight of EN Angleland Frog EN. Cat EN Giggle E. Goose EN Grub E. Haunted House David A. Monster Movie David A. Monkey House David A.

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Stories George Washington, Spymaster Julia Alvarez 6. Ambrose 7. Allen 17 0. Ambrose 8. Ambrose 6. Anderson 3. Anderson 4.

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Anderson 5. Barnyard Hullabaloo Giles Andreae 3. Judie Angell 3. Anonymous Teenager's Life on the Streets Anonymous 5. Piers Anthony 6. Applegate 3. Applegate 4. Applegate 4 4 The Arrival K. Applegate The Discovery K. Applegate The Encounter K. Applegate 4 4 The Experiment K. Applegate 4 3 Fear the Fantastic K. Applegate The Illusion K. Applegate Inside the Illusion K. Applegate 5. Applegate 4 4 The Prophecy K.

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Barron 6. Barron 5. Barron 5 9 Heartlight T. Patriotic Symbols Teresa Bateman 7. Ecosystems Mary Batten 6. Creatures of the Past Mary Batten 4. Frank Baum 7. Patricia Beatty 4. David Bedford1. Bears Ready, Get Set, Go! Melvin Berger 3. Jeanne Betancourt 3. Pueblo Fireside Tales John Bierhorst 3. Don't Forget the Soap! Tom Birdseye 3. Bissinger8 19 7. Bjarkman 7. Blake 3. Blake 0. Blakeslee 4. Blatchford 4. Melinda Blau 4. Bloch 8. Mary Blocksma 1. Joan Blos 2.

Joan Blos 3 0. Blos 6. It's Me, Margaret Judy Blume 3.


Freedman as Herself Judy Blume 4. Jacob Boas 7. Bober 8. Bodecker 4. Tom Bodett 5. Bodnar 3. Sharon Bokoske 2. Bolin 2. Rebecca Bond 4. Raging Destruction Barbara Bondar 4. Dome of Fire Barbara Bondar 4. Crosby Bonsall 2. Crosby Bonsall 1. Fantastic Facts Human Tongues Joan Bonsignore 5. Lincoln and Me Louise Borden 3. Louise Borden 3. Boston 5. Boston 6. Marie Bradby 3. Braithwaite 7. Branley Floating in Space Franklin M. Branley 4. Branley 3. Branley 7. Branley 2. Barbara Brenner 2.

Jan Brett 4. Norman Bridwell 1. Julie Brinckloe 3. Dredd's Wagon of Wonders Bill Brittain 4. Bill Brittain 4. Terry Brooks 6 19 Morgawr Terry Brooks 6. Brooks 5. Louis Blues Bruce Brothers 6. Brown 2 James A. Brown 5 Anne Frank Gene Brown 5. Ken Brown 3 0. Brown 3. Marc Brown 2. All Wet Marc Brown 1.

Flips Marc Brown 1. Marc Brown D. Rides Again Marc Brown 2. Thinks Big Marc Brown 2. Marc Brown 3. Marcia Brown 3. March from Their Homeland Joseph Bruchac 7. Bruns 8. Deborah Bruss 2. Buck 5. Buck 6. Eve Bunting 2. Eve Bunting 3. Patrick's Day in the Morning Eve Bunting 2.

Author Title Book Level Points Pearson, Mary E. Where Is Max?

Burch 5. Burckhardt 2. Butterworth 5. Betsy Byars 2. Cain 5. Cain 4. Sheridan Cain 2. Stephanie Calmenson 0. Stephanie Calmenson 2. Cannon 3. Cannon 4. Cannon 2. Alyssa Satin Capucilli 1. Alyssa Satin Capucilli 1 0. Corey's Story Elisa Carbone 4. Carey 6. Nancy White Carlstrom 2.

Carrie Carmichael 4. Carter 7. Carter 4. Carter 2. Carter 5 6 Dogwolf Alden R. Marlene Carvell 6. The Olympics in B. Cassandra Case 3. Castaneda 5. Caroline Castle 2. Rebecca Caudill 3. Cerullo 7. Marsha Wilson Chall 3 0. Chambers 4. Cheaney 6. Lauren Child 3. Lauren Child 4. Murders Agatha Christie 6. McGinty's Dead Agatha Christie 5. Agatha Christie 6. Ken Griffey, Jr. Matt Christopher 6. Mark McGwire Matt Christopher 6. Mo Vaughn Matt Christopher 6.

Sammy Sosa Matt Christopher 6. Matt Christopher 3. John Elway Matt Christopher 6. Steve Young Matt Christopher 6. Tiger Woods Matt Christopher 7. Grant Hill Matt Christopher 7. Lisa Leslie Matt Christopher 6. Michael Jordan Matt Christopher 6. Emmitt Smith Matt Christopher 6. Julie Foudy Matt Christopher 7. Terrell Davis Matt Christopher 6. Tara Lipinski Matt Christopher 7 0. Matt Christopher 4. Rex Scott Ciencin 4.

Henshaw Beverly Cleary 4. Mouse Beverly Cleary 5. Brian P. Cleary 2. Andrew Clements 1. Cockerham 7. Caron Lee Cohen 2. Miriam Cohen 2. Miriam Cohen 3. Joanna Cole 2. Joanna Cole 3. Joanna Cole 1. Cole 8. Cole 6. Cole 5. Cole 7. Collard 5. Collins 9. Collins 7. Collins 8. Walker Penny Colman 6. Ellen Conford 3. Jane Leslie Conly 3.

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Michael's Scales Neil Connelly 5. Cooney 4. Cooney 5.

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Cooney 5 8 Deadly Offer Caroline B. Caroline B. Kennedy Ilene Cooper 7. Ilene Cooper 4. Cooper 4. Bill Cosby 2. Cosson 3. Cosson 2. Dodge M. Gang: Operation Sherlock Bruce Coville 5. Gang: Robot Trouble Bruce Coville 5. Bruce Coville 5. Goodstory Joy Cowley 3.

Crispin 6. Connie Brummel Crook 5. Shutta Crum 3. Chris Crutcher 5. Cruz 8. Cusimano 1. Vincent Millay Carolyn Daffron 8. Fox Roald Dahl 4. Paula Danziger 3. Luke David 2. Katie Davis 1. Davol 4. Dawood 6. Monkey Do. Barthe DeClements 4. Hobbs Cynthia DeFelice 4. Roosevelt C. Coco DeYoung 4. Deady 4. Deem 7. Deem 6. Joanna Defrates 6. Judy Delton 3. Lindbergh Barry Denenberg 8. Camp Barry Denenberg 5. The Civil War Diary of Barry Denenberg 6. Dillard 6. Dixon 2. Dixon 4. Dixon 3. Dixon 6. Dixon 5.

Franklin W. David Dobson 6. Laura Dower 4. Draper 4. The Deadly Slide Jane Duden 4. On Shaky Ground Jane Duden 5. Rising, Raging Waters Jane Duden 4.

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