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I was always much more into, not so much science, but trying to understand things from a mechanical perspective. Growing up he read a lot of George Orwell. I started looking into what was happening, the propaganda that we were subjected to. And I suppose I recalled all the stuff that I got when I was young. He was studying history at Leeds University at the time.

Kennard found journalism was an effective way of covering the protests. It became a massive issue on campus. There were lots of protests from the entire student body. It was even picked up by the national media. I had to hand over the tapes of the interview because some students had complained about incitement to racial hatred. It was a big deal. That really opened my eyes to the power of journalism. That was the story that was hiding in plain sight. After graduating from Leeds, he applied to Columbia University and earned a scholarship for masters in investigative journalism.

Kennard recounts an incident from his time at Columbia. At the end she wanted to do a straw poll. Then she asked the same about the genocide in East Timor. Why is that? According to Kennard it is not any different in any other country. But it does.

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It has exactly the same problems. You have to make a wage, you have to make a career. Some people are still aware of the constraints. Not everyone thinks they are completely free. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Thursday, September 26, Entertainment Books. All Sections. Syed Hamad Ali is a writer based in London. The Morning and Evening Brief. A daily brief with the biggest stories of the day. More From Books. Summer 15 books to read over the holidays.

Salman Khan completes 31 years in Bollywood. Boney Kapoor didn't touch me inappropriately: Urvashi. Latest In. British royals' biggest Indian fan dies. Barcelona confirm Messi thigh strain. Student who died in dorm room found after 2 months. I witnessed not long ago, for example, US support for the military coup in Honduras in , which threw out a democratically elected president so the racketeers could prop up the business community and their political puppets.

The needs of this rapacious racket remain the needs of every dominant imperial class, communist or capitalist — more markets for their products, and complete subjugation of popular forces in their satellites. The American elite that has grown fat from looting abroad is also fighting a war at home. From the s onwards, the same white-collar mobsters have been winning a war against the people of the US, in the form of a massive, underhand con.

The same people that devise the myths about what we do abroad have also built up a similar ideological system that legitimizes theft at home; theft from the poorest, by the richest. The poor and working people of Harlem have more in common with the poor and working people of Haiti than they do with their elites, but this has to be obscured for the racket to work. Many actions taken by the US government, in fact, habitually harm the poorest and most destitute of its citizens. It came into force in January and was a fantastic opportunity for US business interests, because markets were opened up for an investment and export bonanza.

Simultaneously, thousands of US workers lost their jobs to workers in Mexico where their wages could be beaten down by even poorer people. The inevitable conclusion is that our entire world is at the mercy of an elite business community who run it in secret. The economic imperatives of this racket trump even the safety of working Americans.

The Racket: A Rogue Reporter vs. the American Elite, Kennard

But the ideological zeal within the racket to maintain a grip over a region with immense oil production was a higher priority than decreasing the threat to American lives. The racket, then, is a disaster for those poor countries submissive to it, but also for the majority of Americans. The American elite is not in the business of helping out its fellow citizens. Perhaps for many the extent of US domination is unknown, or perhaps people half suspect it, in which case the pages that follow will provide indisputable evidence. For those readers who feel they already know the damage done by US foreign policy, the revelation will come from evidence of the damage done at home where the war against poor and ordinary working Americans is just as fierce.

A vast ideological edifice has been built which presents brutal violence against the poor at home and abroad as altruism. It must be targeted at its foundations. Nothing ever happened. It was of no interest.

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You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. To help our species and planet survive it is necessary to shake off the hypnosis and see the racket for what it is. We don't run on ads. We run on donations. Click here.

For your own good The racket is bigger than the US elite, of course, and by now you may be thinking that it may have something to do with the capitalist system writ large. But there is a twist to this story. Added by Andrew Butler. Trending Articles.

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