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A Selective Summary. A period of years, from when dates were first kept. After this initial act, the Valar angelic beings are left to create the creatures to inhabit Arda. Middle-earth is a part of Arda, usually thought of as being east. The island of Numenor sits in the sea between the two land masses.

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Middle-earth is the place of the creation of the elves, and the history of the age is the history of the elves. The elves are the crown of Middle-earth creation. They are immortal, but can be killed. Elrond is born during this age, as is Galadriel. The three most important aspects of the history of the First Age:.

Three jewels that were the mightiest work of craft by the elves, but they were an act of hubris of the highest order resulting in the fall of the elves. They were meant to capture the light of Valinor the abode of the Valar on Arda and bring it to Middle-earth.

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Fashioned by Feanor, of the Noldor. The war of the jewels: the later Silmarillion, part two, the legends of Beleriand.

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    Add To List. In volumes ten and eleven of The History of Middle-earth, Christopher Tolkien recounts from the original texts the evolution of his father's work on The Silmarillion, the legendary history of the Elder Days or First Age, from the completion of the Lord of the Rings in until J. Tolkien's death. In volume ten, Morgoth's Ring, the narrative was taken only as far as the natural dividing point in the work, when Morgoth destroyed the Trees of Light and fled from Valinor bearing the stolen Silmarils.

    In The War of the Jewels, the story returns to Middle-earth and the ruinous conflict of the High Elves and the Men who were their allies with the power of the Dark Lord.

    With the publication in this book of all of J. Tolkien's later narrative writing concerned with the last centuries of the First Age, the long history of The Silmarillion, from its beginnings in The Book of Lost Tales, is completed; the enigmatic state of the work at his death can now be understood.

    A chief element in The War of the Jewels is a major story of Middle-earth, now published for the first time - a continuation of the great "saga" of Turin Turambar and his sister Nienor, the children of Hurin the Steadfast. This is the tale of the disaster that overtook the forest people of Brethil when Hurin came among them after his release from long years of captivity in Angband, the fortress of Morgoth. The uncompleted text of the Grey Annals, the primary record of the War of the Jewels, is given in full; the geography of Beleriand is studied in detail, with redrawings of the final state of the map; and a long essay on the names and relations of all the peoples of Middle-earth shows more clearly than any writing yet published the close connection between the language and history in Tolkien's world.

    The text also provides new information, including some knowledge of the divine powers, the Valar.